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Power Up Your Drive: Introducing Our Latest Line of EV Chargers!

BAITCO possesses over two decades of direct manufacturing expertise and has spearheaded product innovations through its Technology Development Laboratory since 2003. With numerous patents and successful deployments for esteemed organizations like CISCO Systems, our product brand, "TDL," has been a fixture in the market since 2003.


In a recent milestone, after a rigorous selection process, BAITCO has forged a strategic partnership with the globally renowned research and development entity, "HLO." Together, we are proud to unveil our cutting-edge DC super chargers tailored for the federal sector. Our EV Charging stations, featuring DPA dynamic power pool technology boasting 98% power efficiency, revolutionize power allocation, voltage, and current management, thus enhancing overall charging pile performance.


Built with an advanced liquid-cooled system and liquid-cooled terminals, our chargers ensure swift delivery and optimal performance. With an output current capacity of up to 600A, and a short-term peak of 700A, our chargers provide a rapid, responsive solution that caters to the diverse needs of every EV owner.

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