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Intelligent Machine Learning Systems
Intelligent Machine Learning System to Optimize Power Distribution

With the use of AI systems, it is possible to predict output. This information can be used to plan ahead for any shortfall which may necessitate buying energy from other sources, or for transferring energy from other plants. Battery use can also be optimized with the help of AI. Electrical transmission and distribution can also benefit from using AI for current location-related consumption data.

AI and machine learning depend on a large volume of data which electrical systems generate on a regular basis. These tools can sift through the data and understand what is normal, and what is not, and can be taught to backtrack for historical reasons of their normality. The processes are mathematically straightforward and can be modeled after what users would normally do, but cannot do because of the mountain of available data.


Based on our experience, significant industries are increasingly facing energy-related challenges.  The need to have the ability to increase capacity due to the latest advances of Solar, Wind and other renewable technologies.   The cost of energy storage, energy security, and its predictiveness create issues.  Signing Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)  at contract structure in which a power buyer (or offtaker) agrees to purchase a project's renewable energy for a pre-agreed price. In this agreement, the utility-scale solar project receives the market price at the time the energy is sold.  The Virtual Power Purchase Agreement(VPPA) is part of the solution.   Industry leaders with multiple operating locations have started to realize that just tapping into clean energy resources and entering into a long-term power agreement with power providers is cost-effective. However, they won’t necessarily be effective unless they use the available advanced technology to maximize their investment.  Clean energy will become a valuable part of the solution when a human can efficiently manage it, distribute it, and make it scalable and a robust and optimized resource to be securely shared.  Our intelligent machine learning system will be a piece of the puzzle and the technological interruption necessary to help us reach 2050 zero emissions.

BAITCO offers scalable management solution to maximize the economic value of distributed energy resources.

Our total solution is fully clustered and distributed. The security of the scaled solution is 100% guaranteed.

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