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BAITCO integrates Artificial Intelligence to enhance energy efficiency and optimize distribution

Solar Panels on Trees


We champion innovations that enhance reliability, slash carbon emissions, unlock boundless opportunities for our clients, and boost operational efficiency.

Established in 2017, BAITCO stands as a innovative renewable energy enterprise leading the charge in sustainable technology advancement. Grounded in a firm commitment to environmental stewardship, we possess cutting-edge proficiency in solar energy, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), energy optimization, Electric Vehicle (eV) technology integration, and specialized machine learning algorithms. Our mission is to transform the energy sector, backed by a proven track record of success serving both commercial and federal clients. Moreover, our strategic collaborations with esteemed renewable energy technology manufacturers solidify our position as a trusted industry leader.

Drawing from decades of manufacturing experience among our corporate leadership, BAITCO has forged enduring and reliable partnerships in multinational trade. In the early 2000s, our manufacturing and supply chain management endeavors were fortified through the establishment of the Technology Development Laboratory Group (TDL).

The 154,000 ft² factory operation had 82 employees and 8 press machines with the manufacturing capacity of 50,000 units of patch cables per day. The main product (CISCO DS1 & DS3 UBIC-H assembly) was mass produced for clients such as AT&T, Verizon, and Oregon Telephone Company.  Further, BAITCO's patented DS1 and DS3 assembly solutions had undergone rigorous Cisco System's third-party inspections in-order to pass the technical test.


As a result of our extensive experience in the manufacturing sector, BAITCO adeptly navigates the ever-shifting terrain of global supply chains. The volatility inherent in global markets renders supply chains vulnerable to natural disasters, political upheavals, and fluctuating trade regulations, imposing significant economic challenges.​

Hence, we offer a team of experts equipped with the skills to streamline your supply chain operations, eliminating unnecessary layers and ensuring the procurement of top-quality products at the lowest possible prices. From design and modeling to tooling, building, and shipping, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

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Intelligent machine learning system to optimize power distribution

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Power Optimization Solutions

BAITCO presents renewable energy product solutions designed to produce clean power effectively, maximizing energy output.

Our utilization of Machine Learning for optimized power distribution mirrors our commitment to sustainability, integral to our system and reflective of our company's values.

Our solutions bolster the capabilities of Smart Grid technology. Together, let's contribute to saving our planet.

BESS Solutions  

BAITCO strives to be the fuel that powers people with unparalleled renewable energy and solar energy solutions that afford everyone the opportunity to be self-sufficient. Our planetary stewardship empowers us to continue fighting for those who want to improve their lives while protecting the environment for future generations. BAITCO has been directly involved in designing and implementing power solutions in Africa, parts of South Asia, Central Asia, and South America.  


BAITCO is an innovative solar energy company that offers the design, development, and implementation of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). We support government, non-profit, commercial and Solar Farm customers achieve self-sufficient energy through an array of affordable solar energy solutions.


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