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Alliances with the world’s largest and most advanced renewable energy manufactures has enabled BAITCO to offer customers 100% Green IT products such as: LiFePO4, Zn-MnO2, and VRLA batteries, Solar Lighting systems, PV panels, and unique Battery Energy Storage Systems.​  Battery-based storage, while not a dominant form of storage today, has opportunity to expand its utility through safe, reliable, and cost-effective technologies.

BAITCO, a leading BESS integration provider, has committed to work with our top global battery energy storage partners, using cutting-edge energy storage technology to provide the best BESS solutions to contribute achieving the global Net-Zero goal.

Most of BAITCO components are designed by in-house engineers and parts get manufactured by partnered.  BAITCO makes generalized common modules tested and certified in one phase. Same modules can be used for other projects which helps with reduced lead time in R&D, testing and tooling.